English Language Translation The Meanings of 3 The Family of 'Imran -Aali 'Imran 18th راي تيوبgeneralEnglish Language Translation The Meanings of 3 The Family of 'Imran -Aali 'Imran 18th

English Language Translation The Meanings of 3 The Family of 'Imran -Aali 'Imran 18th

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English Language Translation
The Meanings of The Holy Quran

English Language Translation The Meanings of
3 The Family of 'Imran -Aali 'Imran
18th quarter

[3.153] And when you were going up, and paid no heed for anyone, and the Messenger was calling you from behind; so He rewarded you with grief upon grief that you might not sorrow for what escaped you neither for what smote you. And Allah is Aware of what you do.
[3.154] Then, after sorrow, He sent down upon you safety. Slumber overtook a party, while another party cared only for themselves, thinking of Allah thoughts that were not true, the guess of ignorance, saying: 'Have we any say in the affair? ' Say: 'The entire affair belongs to Allah. ' They conceal in themselves what they do not disclose to you. They say: 'If we had any say in the affair we should not have been killed here. ' Say: 'Had you stayed in your homes, those of you for whom slaying was written would have come out to their (death) beds so that Allah might try what was in your chests and that He will examine what is in your hearts. ' And Allah knows the innermost of the chests.
[3.155] Those of you who turned away on the day when the two armies met must have been seduced by satan on account of some of what they had earned. But Allah has pardoned them. He is Forgiving and Clement.
[3.156] Believers, do not be as those who disbelieve and say of their brothers when they journey in the land or go of to battle: 'Had they stayed with us, they would not have died, nor would they have been killed. ' In order that Allah will make that a regret in their hearts. Allah revives and causes to die. He has knowledge of what you do.
[3.157] If you should be killed in the way of Allah or die, the Forgiveness and Mercy from Allah would surely be better than all you amass.
[3.158] And if you die or are killed, before Allah you shall all be gathered.
[3.159] It was by that Mercy of Allah that you (Prophet Muhammad) dealt so leniently with them. Had you been harsh and hardhearted, they would have surely deserted you. Therefore, pardon them and ask forgiveness for them. Take counsel with them in the matter and when you are resolved, put your trust in Allah. Allah loves those who trust.
[3.160] If Allah helps you, none can overcome you. If He forsakes you, who then can help you after Him? Therefore, in Allah let the believers put all their trust.
[3.161] It is not for a Prophet to defraud, whosoever defrauds shall bring that fraud on the Day of Resurrection. Then, every soul shall be paid in full what it has earned, and they shall not be wronged.
[3.162] Is he who follows the pleasure of Allah like he who is laden with the Anger of Allah, Gehenna (Hell) shall be his shelter. Evil shall be his return!
[3.163] They are in ranks with Allah. Allah sees what they do.
[3.164] Allah has surely been gracious to the believers when He sent among them a Messenger from themselves to recite to them His verses, to purify them, and to teach them the Book and the Wisdom (prophetic sayings), though before that they were in clear error.
[3.165] Why, when an affliction hits you and that you had yourselves inflicted twice the like of it, you said: 'How is this? ' Say: 'This is from your own selves. ' Surely, Allah has power over all things.
[3.166] What hit you the day the two armies met was by the permission of Allah, so that He might know the believers
[3.167] and that He might know the hypocrites. ' When it was said to them: 'Come, fight or repel in the way of Allah. ' They replied: 'If only we knew how to fight, we would follow you. ' On that day, they were nearer to disbelief than belief. They said with their mouths what was not in their hearts. And Allah knows what they hide.
[3.168] Who said to their brothers and they themselves had stayed behind 'Had they obeyed us, they would not have been killed. ' Say to them: 'Avert death from yourselves then, if what you say is true! '
[3.169] You must not think that those who were killed in the way of Allah are dead. But rather, they are alive with their Lord and have been provided for,
[3.170] rejoicing in the Bounty that Allah has given to them and having glad tidings in those who remain behind and have not joined them, for no fear shall be on them neither shall they sorrow,

Translated by : Grand
Shaykh, Professor Hasan

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