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First Site : 2017-05-21

boots: stradivarius
dress: h&m
faux fur jacket: bershka
jewelry: PANDORA
ph. Jelena

Less really can be more but not when it comes to the latest PANDORA Christmas collection!
This season, jewelry captures the look and feel of a crisp and chilly winter. Stunning textures and dazzling blues, silver and iridescent white illuminate starry constellations and frosted flowers. Inspiration is taken from ice patterns that appear on windows and lakes during wintertime and you can see this stunning scene in couple of my favorite pieces like the stunning sterling silver ring which is inspired by ice crystals and set with radiant faceted blue crystals in different cuts. Or this contemporary necklace pendant which presents an imaginative mix of faceted stones. How cool they are?!
And to match them perfectly with the clothes, I picked white faux fur jacket, silky dress and velvet boots to make this look even more chic. The festive season can start now!

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