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First Site : 2017-05-21

boots: isabel marant
jeans: zara
top: zara
bag: gucci
sunglasses: ray ban
jewelry: PANDORA
ph. Jelena

Spring is the harbinger of all things new – and this year is no different. Adopt the DO attitude and express yourself with PANDORA SS17 collection!
This season, go for color and hand-finished, high-quality jewellery that reflects your uniqueness.
Make a statement and embrace your unique sense of style, whatever it may look like. In the world of personal style and self-expression, there are no faux pas – only you make the rules.
Embrace your passions and dreams.
Live by your truth without apology.
Believe in yourself.
Trust yourself.
Remember your strengths.
Value yourself as much as you value others.
Expand your comfort zone and try something new. Unleash your creativity and have fun!
Celebrate yourself and your loved ones.
Share your special moments.

When you DO, everything is possible.

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