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When it comes to my makeup routine, I’m pretty low maintenance and with that fact I still get lots of questions about makeup and what I use. So I thought I’d share the latest favorite product: my go to highlighter!
This handy, chic LLUMS highlighter stick makes it easy for me to add a touch of light anywhere on my face, and the formula is creamy and sheer. Unlike with other highlighters, you don’t get any sort of glittery, shimmery finish, instead, the cream formula applies silky-smooth and gives your skin a natural glow.
It comes in three different shades: pearly, pearly pink and bronze and you can glide it directly onto face in a half-halo around each eye (brow bone to cheekbone) and tap lightly with fingertips to blend edge. Simple as that!
Now, you can expect an otherworldly sheen that’s never dry, never glittery. Hurray!

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