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Double your profits from Adsense

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Hey everyone, we’re back with a new set of posts related to Monetization. First, we had talked about making money with paid posts and Email marketing , now we’re going to make some money with AdSense (Actually,We’re gonna double it) . Frankly speaking, this isn’t a beginners guide, its more like a guide for people who are already using AdSense and for the ones who are able to make a decent income with it ($0.50+).
And This isn’t a post which asks you to increase your traffic or to write quality content, this one is totally different and you’ll love it!
I actually experimented with these methods on my inactive blogs and the results were amazing! I was able to double my Adsense Income within week (Though I earn less through Adsense, I was able to double it) !
Note- These methods work well with niche blogs or short term blogs, Not recommended to use with Long term blogs .
#1. Add Ad Units Under Post Titles-

Adding Ad units under post titles will increase the CTR or the Click Through Rate which will progressively increase your earnings. Placing ads under post title increases the number of clicks on the ads as it is next to the title, itself!
#2. Place Ad Units In the post-

Try to place Ad Units under the sub headings ( H2 Titles) or under the information which attracts the visitors, this will increase the number of clicks on your ads. You can even try placing the ads under a profitable keywords, this will increase the CPC (Click per Cost ) resulting in better earnings.
#3. Blend The Text Ads With the post-

This one’s the best technique so far and these kind of ad units grab the highest number of clicks. Well, in this method, you actually blend your advertisements with the post. Didn’t get it ? Take a look at this screenshot-
That,s My niche Blog ,Never Mind
Did you see that ? The text ad unit (200 x 90 ) looks like manually added link rather than an Advertisement. So the trick is to change the Ad Unit’s color to make it look like manually added links.
Bonus– 200 x 90 text Ads perform well, add it in your posts and you’ll love the results.
PS- Settings used-
Hope That Helps…
Be sure to blend your ad units with the post. You can use this trick with all other text ad units and I bet, you’ll not regret doing it!
#5. Use Responsive Ad Units-

Technically speaking, you’d need a responsive template to use these kind of ads and moreover these ad units are in the Beta Stage. But still, it actually helped me increase my earnings as more than 30% of my visitors were using Smartphones! Just analyze the technology (operating System and the Browser) used by your visitors and determine whether to use responsive units or not.
Android (24%) + iOS (2%) + WP (2%) +Symbian (1%) + Nokia(1%) = Smartphones (30%)
Just analyse the operating system used on Google Analytics and you’ll know where to use the Responsive ad units.
#6. Analyze and Monetize Your Old Posts –

Most of times, your wouldn’t have monetized the former posts with Google AdSense ( They might be getting the highest traffic) . So you’ll miss out all the clicks on the ads, So analyze your top posts on your blog and Monetize them with ads!
1.Go to Google Analytics >Behaviour>overview.
2.Make a list of top 5 posts which got the highest number of hits in a particular month( you can even select a longer time period ) .
find the top 5 posts of the month, year or of all time!
3.Now, Use the methods #1. to #5 (even the next method #7 ) methods on these 5 posts. You’ll surely see an improvement in your AdSense income!
#7. Place text Ads Under the Menu-

Placing text ad units under the menu confuses the visitor which accidentally makes him click the advertisements instead of the menu link. Its the same as #3. Just blend the colors and you’ll successfully increase the clicks!

Try all these methods and you’ll surely love the results! These tricks are guaranteed to work and are 100% safe But ,please don’t use these on your long term blogs as the ads will annoy the visitors. Recommended to use these tricks on short term or event niche blogs to generate maximum income!
Hope this post helped,

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