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From Carry On Cabbie, 1963, written by Talbot Rothwell. Pintpot, played by Charles Hawtrey is applying for a job as a Taxi driver with Speedee Cabs. The boss of the firm, Hawkins (played by Sid James) has been telling him and a group of would-be drivers what hard work it is, with very long hours.

PINTPOT: We will get one night off a week won’t we?

HAWKINS: Course. Are you married?

PINTPOT: Oh no, only I belong to this rambling club you see, and so does a very nice girl too and, well, once a week we do like to go as far as we can.

Hawtrey was one of those actors whose performances were so gay you could almost believe he was straight, but he wasn’t, as many a sailor could testify. He came to a nasty, if ultimately very dignified, end. Told by doctors that his legs would have to be amputated he refused the operation, saying he preferred to die with his boots on.

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