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First Site : 2017-10-24

Welcome to our site raitube
There's a very nice line in William Burroughs’, Last Words, The Final Journals of William S Burroughs - he writes of"A long time ago but not too far to walk.”
This sent me digging around for other mentions of walking in the
journals. I found this one:“I carry a .38 snubbie on my premises, at my belt at all times. I leave the door open. Someone walks in with something in mind, he won’t walk away.”

The stuff of good noir fiction, right? And how very different Bill’s life might have been if he’d kept his taste for gunplay inside the covers of a book.

And I did I find the above photograph of Burroughs walking with Kurt Cobain - I bet there was some sparkling conversation that day – perhaps some talk of guns. For what it’s worth, I think the Burroughs/Cobain collaboration The “Priest” They Called Him - Burroughs reads, Cobain makes glorious guitar noise - is about as good as “spoken word with music” ever gets.

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