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First Site : 2017-10-24

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I know that a lot of walkers think it’s their duty to hate automobiles, but I’m not one of them. I like looking at cars when I'm walking. Ten years or so ago when I first started living and walking in Los Angeles it seemed there was an amazing classic car, or piece of wonderful automotive junk, on every block, and I found them incredibly cheering. I took a few photographs at the time, but now I wish I’d taken more.

The situation’s changed a lot while I’ve been here. Cool cars are much rarer. I assume many of them have been scrapped because they’re just not up to the rigors of L.A. driving anymore. A few endure but they’re part of a dying breed, although all the more attractive for that reason.

I’ve always been skeptical about this whole “the car you drive expresses your personality” thing, but in the end, one way or another, I guess it does, whether you want it to or not. And of course one way you can further express your personality, if you have one, is to put a sticker on the bumper or the back window of your car. Religion, sports teams, political affiliations, are the obvious things to announce to the world, but some are more enigmatic than that.

This one’s suitably literary:

This shows a love for country, though not America:

This one shows a possibly, though not necessarily, ironic love for both Benjamin Franklin and Kiss.

And I think this one is great, though I could be wrong:

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