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How to make French toast

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When you consider that a typical French toast recipe requires dipping white bread into egg and then frying it in butter before dousing it with maple syrup, it's no surprise that a serving proves quite the indulgence. A typical slice will set you back 450 calories, 18 grams of fat, and 35 grams of sugar. But if you can't imagine Sunday brunch or a Mother's Day feast without French toast on the menu, it is possible to lighten up this classic breakfast with smart ingredient swaps.
Our healthier French toast recipes are fortified with protein, iron, calcium, and fiber. They also cut down on fat and sugar without sacrificing the sweet taste you crave. Plus, these recipes are easy—most take less than a half hour to prep.
So whether you’re cooking for you, your family, or friends, these delectable morning treats will make for happy, healthy tummies. What’s not to love when brunch is sweet, satisfying, and good for you? Scroll through this gallery for how to make French toast at home, and treat yourself!

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