Bank of America Wins Patent for Crypto Exchange System #bitcoin

Bitcoin Up $2k on Day as Market Nears $400 Billion #bitcoin

Bitcoin Goes Parabolic, Blows Past $14,000 to Post $2,500 Single Day Gain #bitcoin

In Unexpected Move, South Korean Regulator Suddenly Bans Bitcoin Futures Trading #bit

ASX Says Yes: Stock Exchange to Use DLT to Settle Trades #bitcoin

Getting Paid to Browse Internet Made Possible by Blockchain #bitcoin

Mining Service Nicehash Hacked, $60 Million in User Funds Stolen #bitcoin

Financial Inclusion and Efficient Remittance System Can Save Africa From Mediocrity #

$62 Million Gone? Cryptocurrency Mining Market NiceHash Hacked #bitcoin

Bitcoin's Price Shoots Past $13,000 to Reach New All-Time High #bitcoin

$10k in Bitcoin for 10 Years? Ron Paul Fans Pick Crypto Over Gold #bitcoin

Cypherpunk Lopp - Crypto Hands Power Back to People #bitcoin

AngelList's Naval Ravikant: Bitcoin Solves 'Money Problems' #bitcoin

Japan: SBI To Launch Crypto Exchange, Partners With Huobi #bitcoin

Lightning at Last? Test Shows Bitcoin Scaling Solution Almost Ready #bitcoin

Encyclopedia Blockchainica: Wikipedia Co-Founder to Disrupt His Own Creation #bitcoin

Mexican Lawmakers Advance Bill to Regulate Bitcoin, Fintech Firms #bitcoin

Rolls-Royce For Sale - Owner Wants Bitcoin #bitcoin

Blockchain-Based Platform Cuts out Middleman in Collectible Card Games #bitcoin

Mobile Banking App Revolut Adds Litecoin, Ether Trading #bitcoin

$12,795: Bitcoin's Price Just Gained Over $1,000 in 24 Hours #bitcoin

IOTA Price Explodes After Agreement #bitcoin

Dennis Gartman Still Wont Buy Bitcoin, Scared #bitcoin

Bitcoin is Todays Silver, Says Renowned Trader #bitcoin

Regulators Could Start Stirring Again if Bitcoin Continues Rising: Mike Novogratz #bi

Australia's CommBank Plans to Issue a Bond on the Blockchain #bitcoin

Coders Beware: Licensing Issues Abound for Ethereum Apps #bitcoin

Slice of Caribbean Paradise on Sale Only With Bitcoin #bitcoin

$13,200: Bitcoin Price Defies All Expectations Again #bitcoin

Alls Well That Ends Well? Parity Hopes to Unlock Killed Ethereum #bitcoin

Swedish Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund Bigger Than 80% of US ETFs #bitcoin

Indonesia's Central Bank Mulls Bitcoin Payments Ban #bitcoin

MUFG, NTT Data Trial Blockchain for Cross-Border Trade #bitcoin

Revolut App to Add Cryptocurrencies #bitcoin

Bitstamp Criticized For Listing Bitcoin Cash as Bcash, Despite Community Outrage #bit

How DDOS Attacks Affect Bitcoin Exchanges #bitcoin

Big Fish Entering Bitcoin Waters: All Eyes on December 10 and 18 #bitcoin

Sony Moves to Blockchain For Education Data #bitcoin

New Fed Appointee May Be Driving Bitcoin To All-Time Highs #bitcoin

Private Airline Surf Air Accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum #bitcoin

The Next CryptoKitties? The Blockchain Might Not Be Ready #bitcoin

Mark Yusko Defends His $400,000 Bitcoin Prediction #bitcoin

Ukrainian Shipping Company Plans to Accept Bitcoin as Payments to Avoid Sanctions #bi

Nokia Trials Blockchain in Bid to Secure Health Data #bitcoin

India's Central Bank Sounds the Alarm (Again) on Bitcoin #bitcoin

Worlds Largest Bitcoin Exchange, Bitfinex, Threatens Critics With Legal Action #bitc

$12,000 and Rising: Bitcoin's Price Hits New All-Time High #bitcoin

Tokyo Financial Exchange to Begin Planning for BTC Futures #bitcoin

RBI Reiterates Warning Against Virtual Currencies for Third Time #bitcoin

Amazon Embraces Distributed Ledger Through R3, Shuns Other Blockchain Solutions #bitc

Dash Aims for Mass Adoption: Announces New Integration, Activates 2 MB Blocks #bitcoi

'All-You-Can-Fly' Airline Begins Accepting Bitcoin and Ether #bitcoin

Teams and Products Aren't the Only Way to Weigh Tokens, Says Ehrsam #bitcoin

A Missouri Lawmaker Wants to Ban Blockchain Gun Tracking #bitcoin

Token Summit Surprise: OpenBazaar to Launch Layer-Two Coin #bitcoin

ICO Delayed by Ethereum's CryptoKitties Congestion #bitcoin

'More Bang for Less Byte': ICOs Confront Growing Pains #bitcoin

Tokyo Financial Exchange Planning Bitcoin Futures Launch #bitcoin

Why Freelance Platforms Need Improvements #bitcoin

Choose: All Bitcoin, or New Zealand #bitcoin

JPMorgan Switches Tact, Backs Bitcoin as New Gold #bitcoin

Detroit Bitcoin Trader Gets Jail Time for Unlicensed Money Business #bitcoin

$240: Monero Prices Hit Record High and Could Climb Further #bitcoin

UBS Files Patent For Blockchain Validation #bitcoin

Happy $12k! Bitcoin Prices Break Another Record In Epic Week #bitcoin

New App to Signal Start of Bitcoin Crash #bitcoin

R3's Corda Platform Launches on Amazon Web Services #bitcoin

Adrenaline Rush Over? Bitcoin Eyes $12,000, But Correction Possible #bitcoin

Now You Can Buy Mariah Carey and G-Eazy Albums with Monero #bitcoin

Keiser - Bitcoin like 'Moses' for Gold #bitcoin

Blow Bitcoin, Dont Destabilize Government: AD Newspaper #bitcoin

Forgive Me, Father, For I Have Forked: Investor To Release Bitcoin God #bitcoin

PayPal Co-founder Says Blockchain Good, Bitcoin Not So Sure #bitcoin

PetroBLOQ Becomes Latest Member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance #bitcoin

PayPal's Max*Levchin: Blockchain Is 'Brilliant' But I'm Undecided on Bitcoin #bitcoin

Russian Government Advances Plan to Test Blockchain Technology-Based Local Voting Sys

Hedge Funds May Use Futures To Trade Against Bitcoin #bitcoin

Western Union Blocks Cryptocurrency-Related Transactions #bitcoin

How Mainstream Media Inaccurately Explain Bitcoin Price Movements #bitcoin

Bitcoin Futures: Make Way for a New Kind of Whale #bitcoin

UBS Seeks IP Protection for Smart Contract Blockchain Validation #bitcoin

Bitcoin Can Pay Your Traffic Fines in South Africa #bitcoin

One Marshmallow Now, or Two Bitcoins in 15 Minutes? #bitcoin

Winklevoss Twins Become First Official Bitcoin Billionaires #bitcoin

PBoC Governor Believes Bitcoin Will Die, But Chinese Market Disagrees #bitcoin

Largest US Options Exchange CBOE to Enable Bitcoin Futures Trading by December 10 #bi

Bitfinex Hires Law Firm to Challenge Critics #bitcoin

Alleged ICO Fraudster Pleads Not Guilty in New York Court #bitcoin

Moscow Government Open-Sources Blockchain Voting Tool #bitcoin

Gameflip Moving Digital Gaming Goods Network Onto Blockchain #bitcoin

Loveable Digital Kittens Are Clogging Ethereum's Blockchain #bitcoin

CryptoKitties Becomes Largest Ethereum-Based Decentralized Application #bitcoin

Another First: SEC Filed Emergency Order to Freeze Assets of Fraudulent ICO #bitcoin

Simon Dixon: Bitcoin And Crypto Is So Many Different Things to So Many Different Peo

Blockchains Are Forever? Diamond Giant De Beers Unveils DLT Strategy #bitcoin

CBOE to Begin Bitcoin Futures Trading December 10 #bitcoin

Bitcoin Mining Uses More Power Than Most African Countries #bitcoin

The Road From IPO to ICO Needs Some Common Ground #bitcoin

Bitcoin Spin-Offs Caught in a Bull-Bear Tug Of War #bitcoin

SEC Files Fraud Charges Against ICO Organizer #bitcoin

Crackdown On Bitcoin In UK Over Money Laundering, Tax Evasion #bitcoin

Putin On The Naughty List? Russian Santa to Issue Cryptocurrency #bitcoin

NY Assemblyman Files Four Blockchain Technology Bills #bitcoin

USV, Winklevoss Bros Invest in Blockstack's $50 Million ICO #bitcoin

Closing China's Bitcoin Exchanges Was the Right Move, Says PBoC Official #bitcoin

Coinsource Installs 20 New Bitcoin ATMs in Georgia #bitcoin

Bitcoin RIP: Cryptocurrency Dies 200th Time, Just As Price Hits $11k #bitcoin

Japanese Financial Regulator Legalizes Four New Cryptocurrency Exchanges #bitcoin

AMD Very Willing to Participate in Blockchain, CEO Lisa Su #bitcoin

Bitcoin Bubble Is OK, Will Come Back Stronger, NEO Tells Media #bitcoin

Major Wallet Vulnerability Revealed As User Barely Reclaims 9 BTC #bitcoin

Looking Heavy: Bitcoin Price Eyes Correction After New Record High #bitcoin

Polychain Capital CEO: Bitcoin Is a 'Breakthrough Technology' #bitcoin

Coinbase Reveals SegWit Integration, Developers Working On Bitcoin Infrastructure #bi

South Korean Financial Authorities Plan to Regulate Bitcoin Exchanges Soon #bitcoin

The Ukrainian Central Bank Is Expanding Its Blockchain Team #bitcoin

Forget Token Sales? The Father of the ICO Is All About Identity Now #bitcoin

Tesla S Owner Uses Their Car to Mine Bitcoin #bitcoin

Kenyan Police Arrest Bitcoin Traders Due to Alleged Banking Fraud #bitcoin

US Politicians Face Dilemma on How to Handle Bitcoin Futures Trading #bitcoin Secures More BCH Than BTC Donations in 2017 #bitcoin

Sony Details Blockchain Use for Education Data #bitcoin

Its Not Really About Bitcoin Price Surging, Its Fiat Currencies In Free Fall #bitco

Bitcoin Bubble Talk: What Would a Pop Look Like? #bitcoin

Coinbase Customer Service Growing Exponentially as User Signups Continue to Soar #bit

Bank of France Governor Warns on Bitcoin Risks #bitcoin

4 Blockchain Bills Introduced in New York Legislature #bitcoin

Facing Hyperinflation, Venezuela to Issue Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency #bitcoin

Venezuelan President Announces 'Petro' Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency #bitcoin

US Federal Reserve Has No Plans to Introduce Digital Currencies, Says San Francisco F

Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin One of Bloombergs Top 50 Most Influential People #b

Will US Government Continue to Target Bitcoin Users for Taxes? #bitcoin

Is Bitcoin Diamond a Better Bitcoin? #bitcoin

South Korea Is Investigating Methods to Tax Bitcoin Users #bitcoin

Blockchain Beach? Aruba Looks to Ethereum to Sustain Tourism #bitcoin

How Governments Are Reacting to ICOs #bitcoin

With Development and Price, Where Does Ethereum Go Long-Term? #bitcoin

Bitcoin Breakout: Price Spikes $500 in One Hour to Top $11.5k #bitcoin

At $160 Bln, Bitcoin's Market Cap is Larger Than That of Once World's Largest Company

Viral Cat Game Responsible for Huge Portion of Ethereum Transactions #bitcoin

Canadian Financial Institutions Analyze Feasibility of Central Bank-Issued Digital Cu

US Senate Moves to Criminalize Non-Disclosure of Cryptocurrency Ownership #bitcoin

7 Tokens Investors Are Talking About #bitcoin

Scrap the White Paper: How to Evaluate Tokens and Blockchains #bitcoin

The Blockchain Token That Simplifies Entry and Adoption Into the Ecosystem #bitcoin

Bitcoin Is 6th Largest Currency In The World By Circulation #bitcoin

Change of Sentiment Coming For Bitcoin as Bankers Continue Their FUD #bitcoin

Decentralized and Distributed Databases, Explained #bitcoin

How CME Groups Bitcoin Futures Will Work #bitcoin

Amazon Web Services Wont Launch Blockchain-based Services, Says CEO Andy Jassy #bitc

Bitcoin Not Yet Legal Currency Says Indian Finance Minister #bitcoin

Blockchain in Taxi Industry: Technology for Ordinary People #bitcoin

JP Morgan Strategist Says Regulated Futures Markets Give Bitcoin Legitimacy #bitcoin

Study Shows Millennials Favor Bitcoin Over Traditional Banking #bitcoin

Big Four Accountancy Firm PwC Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments #bitcoin

Sidechains Project Pushes Ahead with Bitcoin BIP Submission #bitcoin

Report: Tezos Founders Ask Foundation to Help Pay Legal Bills in ICO Suits #bitcoin

Letting Artificial Intelligence Control Your Investment Portfolio #bitcoin

'Microraiden' Payment Channels Go Live on Ethereum Network #bitcoin

Coinbase Taps Former TD Ameritrade Exec for COO Role #bitcoin

Bitcoin is Back Over $10,000 - Can It Hold? #bitcoin

There's More Than One Way to Be Bitcoin Rich #bitcoin

Paying Rent With Crypto? App for Tenants Adds BTC, LTC, ETH #bitcoin

Invest in Bitcoin 'At Your Own Risk,' Warns French Central Bank #bitcoin

Bitcoin Price Above $10,500 on US Futures Listings #bitcoin

CME, CBOE to Begin Bitcoin Futures Trading #bitcoin

Bitcoin Not Legal Tender in India, Finance Minister Says #bitcoin

Bitcoin Claws Back to $10k: Can Bulls Turn the Tide? #bitcoin

Bitcoin Too Volatile for Goldman Sachs, Says CEO #bitcoin

Bitcoin 'Seems Like a Bubble', Says Billionaire Investor Carl Icahn #bitcoin

World Computer? New Protocol Could Supercharge Ethereum's Blockchain #bitcoin

White House Team Is Monitoring Cryptocurrencies, Says Press Secretary #bitcoin

Bank of Canada Paper Weighs Central Bank-Issued Cryptocurrency #bitcoin

Bitfinex and Tether Break Silence, Go on Media Blitz #bitcoin

Bitcoin Is an Emerging Systemic Risk #bitcoin

Fed Vice Chair: Cryptocurrencies Threaten Financial Stability #bitcoin

ICE Agent: Cryptocurrencies Increasingly Used in Money Laundering #bitcoin

Almost Half of ICO Funding Goes to Europe, Report Finds #bitcoin

SF Fed President: No Plans to Put USD on a Blockchain #bitcoin

ECB's Yves Mersch: Banks Need Faster Payments to Counter Bitcoin #bitcoin

Coinbase Ordered to Hand IRS Data on 14,000 Users #bitcoin

Its An Orgy! Industry Reacts To US Bitcoin Futures Go-Ahead #bitcoin

Bank Of France Governor: Bitcoin Isnt a Cryptocurrency #bitcoin

20% Bitcoin Price Drop in Less Than 90 Mins: Just Another Day For Bitcoin #bitcoin

Price Analysis, December 01: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash

Bitcoin Exchanges Outages Prove Their Sway on Mass Market #bitcoin

How Cryptocurrencies Could Offer Independence From Banks #bitcoin

Billionaire Carl Icahn Doesnt Get Bitcoin, Sees A Bubble #bitcoin

Presidents Staff Monitoring Cryptocurrencies #bitcoin

Fed Spokesman Warns Against Cryptocurrencies, Suggests Banks As Solution #bitcoin

Exchanges Struggle With Massive Influx of Users #bitcoin

ICOs Opening Doors to Blockchain, Investment in Africa #bitcoin

Bitcoin Boom Draws Record Number of Indian Investors According to Exchanges #bitcoin

Why Slowing ICO Avalanche Benefits Blockchain's Image #bitcoin

Goldman Sachs CEO Open to Considering Bitcoin Trading Once Currency Becomes Establish

The Motley Fool: Bitcoins Biggest Competition Is Litecoin #bitcoin

Bitcoin Not Threat to Global Economy, Says Bank of England #bitcoin

Bitcoin, Ethereum Not Suitable For Muslims, Says Turkish Government #bitcoin

Between Bitcoin Bulls and Bears an Academic Weighs In #bitcoin

South Africa Prime For Crypto Revolution: Economist #bitcoin


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